About the KSA

Who Are The Kishwaukee Symphony Associates?

We, the KSA, are the volunteer service organization for the Kishwaukee Symphony Orchestra (KSO). Founded in 1983, the KSA is committed to supporting the artistic, educational, and financial goals of the KSO. We also strive to increase community awareness and concert attendance. In 2001, we established the KSO Endowment Fund through the DeKalb County Community Foundation to help ensure the orchestra’s future. We enhanced our mission, in 2019, by establishing the Music Education Outreach Fund through the KSO to help deserving students in DeKalb County middle schools with their music education. Membership in KSA is one way to support these important efforts.

The Kishwaukee Symphony Associates was named by the Illinois Council of Orchestras as the 2012 Orchestra Guild of the Year in recognition of the KSA’s activities in support of the Kishwaukee Symphony Orchestra.

KSA membership is open to all interested persons and you are cordially invited to join. During this season of COVID-19, membership includes your names(s) listed on the KSO website (in lieu of in concert programs), e-mail alerts regarding KSA- and KSO-related events, and the KSA Winter Newsletter. Membership fees are $30.00 for an individual and $35.00 for a family. Proceeds from the annual membership drive augment the orchestra’s operating expenses, the Endowment Fund, and the Music Education Outreach Fund.

For additional information regarding the KSA and/or KSA membership, please contact Gretchen Moore, KSA President, at 815-758-6397 or at gmoore@niu.edu.

Click here to see how to join the Kishwaukee Symphony Associates.

In the fall of 2019, the KSA initiated the KSO’s establishment of the Music Education Outreach Fund, to help middle-school orchestra and band programs in DeKalb County provide musical instruments for deserving students. Click here ​to see how to contribute to this fund. Contributors to this fund are listed here.

KSA Planning Committee

Gretchen Moore, Chair
Marilyn Bazeli, Secretary
Toni Krull, Treasurer
Annette Johns
Marilyn Montzka
Barbara S. North
Carol Zar

KSA 2020-2021 Membership

Elizabeth Bass
Frank & Marilyn Bazeli
Donna Benson
Deborah & Colin Booth
Dorothy Coleman
Patricia A. Conway
Judge & Mrs. John Countryman
Bill & Jennie Cummings
Wayne & Sharon Fesler
Laura Frankiewicz & Lucio Bortolin
Norm & Marion Gilbert
Brigitta Hangartner & Richard Siegesmund
Barbara Hulseberg
Jitka Hurych
Teresa Iversen
Annette & Jerry Johns
Steven Johnson
Cara Jovanovich
Toni Krull
Beverley N. Lane
Jim & Kathy Lockard
Marilyn Montzka
   Lifetime Honorary Member
Gretchen & Charles Moore
Barbara S. North
Joe & Margaret Pasteris
Denny & Karen Pickett
Jim & Sandy Quiram
Virginia & Gordon Rasmussen
Carol E. Rolf
Morley & Maureen Russell
Karen & David Sinason
Linc & Ann Smelser
   Lifetime Honorary Members
Ging & Jerry Smith
Norman & Carolyn Stahl
Sally Stevens
Dan, Kristal, Erin, & Luke Templin
Dorothy Thorsen
Ray & Ginny Tilstra
Luz Van Cromphout
Patricia S. Vary
Carol & Jerry Zar

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