David Sinason

Position: Treasurer

David H. Sinason Ph. D, CPA, CIA, CFE, CFSA, CRMA, received a BS in engineering from the University of Illinois Urbana/Champaign; a BBA and MAC in accounting from the University of North Florida; and a Ph.D. in accounting from Florida State University.  Dave has over 50 publications mostly in the areas of assurance services, fraud prevention and detection, and auditor liability and was a co-author of Auditing and Assurance Services, one of the leading auditing textbooks in the United States.

Dave has received research and manuscript awards from The Academy of Accounting and Finance, The International Consortium of Government Financial Management, the Jacksonville Chapter of the Institute of Management Accountants, North American Accounting Society, and the Mid-West and Southeast Regions of the American Accounting Association.  He has received teaching awards at each university where he taught including the prestigious Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching award at Northern Illinois University.

While teaching at NIU Dave began taking classes across the university and earned his BS in history in 2015.  Dave retired as a full-time faculty member in 2018 and began pursuit of his Master’s in history.

Dave has been a board member and treasurer for the Kishwaukee Symphony Orchestra since 2012.  He often reminds the KSO board its members and patrons that music cannot be heard without the finances to pay for it.  Dave’s father was a very good amateur musician and president of one of the many community bands he played in.  Dave feels a great connection to his father when serving on the KSO Board.  Dave plays saxophone in the Kishwaukee Concert Band.