By donating to the Endowment Fund, you can make a real and lasting difference.

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The KSO Endowment Fund was initiated to help provide necessary funding for the orchestra. KSO is funded by grants, contributions, and fundraising, with minimal support from ticket sales and advertising. Your contribution helps build a lasting source of revenue for the KSO. You may donate anonymously, receive tax benefits listed below, or make a contribution in the memory of a loved one.

Each year, thousands of people contribute their time, talents, and money to America’s charitable cultural, religious, educational, service, and healthcare organizations. Indeed, private philanthropy is the foundation of every charitable endeavor, and it is our hope that you will participate in this tradition.

The nation’s tax laws recognize the role of charitable organizations in meeting public needs that are of benefit to society. As a result, incentives are provided to encourage charitable gifts. Thoughtful donors plan their contributions to minimize the after-tax cost while securing allowable benefits for themselves and their families.

The virtually annual revisions of the tax code over the last decade have made it imperative to make informed choices in financial and tax planning. Throughout these changes, the traditional benefits of thoughtful charitable giving have been preserved, and planned giving enjoys an enhanced role in ordering one’s affairs to attain both philanthropic and financial goals.

Depending on the specific arrangement, donors can expect some or all of the following benefits of thoughtful charitable planning:

  • Satisfaction for providing the means for favored charities to fulfill their purposes;
  • Income-tax savings through the charitable deduction for the value of the gift;
  • Avoidance of the capital-gain tax on contributions of appreciated, long-term, capital-gain property with respect to certain gifts;
  • Retained payments for the life of a donor and/or other beneficiaries;
  • The possibility of a higher rate of return than currently provided by the contributed asset;
  • Elimination of federal estate tax on the value of the interest in property passing to charity upon the donor’s death;
  • Reduced estate-settlement costs.

Contributions to the Endowment Fund in any amount are appreciated and beneficial to the KSO. You may fill in this form and submit it via email to contact@kishorchestra.org, or print this form and send it with your donation to:

Kishwaukee Symphony Orchestra
P.O. Box 310
DeKalb, IL 60115

We invite your inquiries and would be pleased to discuss with you and your advisors how a major planned gift may be arranged to the KSO Endowment Fund and to meet your personal objectives.

Please contact:

Dan Templin
DeKalb County Community Foundation
475 DeKalbĀ  Ave.
Sycamore, IL 60178

Thank you for supporting your local orchestra!

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