Joseph A. Pasteris

Instrument: timpani
Joined In: 1988

Joe Pasteris received his Bachelor of Music degree in Performance from Northern Illinois University in 1989.  A lifelong DeKalb resident, Joe has been performing as a percussionist with the Kishwaukee Symphony Orchestra and DeKalb Municipal Band since 1988.

Joe has played a variety of music, including rock ’n’ roll, blues, funk, and R&B, but his love is jazz.  Jazz took on a whole new meaning after he heard Duke Ellington perform prior to the dedication of the Duke Ellington Ballroom at the Holmes Student Center at NIU.  That was a once-in-a-lifetime moment for Joe.  His exposure to classical music is directly linked to his high school music teacher, Art Montzka.  Art encouraged Joe to join the KSO after he graduated from college.  As Joe put it, “Who could ever say ‘no’ to Art?”

Since his involvement with the KSO, Joe has developed his skills and benefited as a complete musician.  He enjoys the long-lasting relationship with the orchestra.