Victoria Young

Instrument: piano, celesta
Joined In: 2021

Victoria Young has played the piano and celeste with the KSO since 2021, and has served on the Board of Directors since 2023. She received a Master of Music degree in piano accompanying and conducting from NIU in 1993, studying piano with Dr. William Koehler. She taught music at Lincoln and Tyler Elementary schools in DeKalb from 1995-2000. She later was a piano accompanist for the NIU School of Dance from 2001-2015. She also has directed music in local churches since 1984. She is currently an organist/pianist at Westminster Presbyterian Church and directs a Praise Band there once a month.

Victoria is very enthusiastic about playing with the KSO and serving on its Board of Directors, helping to promote it and helping it to fulfill its vision to be the premier community symphony orchestra in northern Illinois and its mission to entertain, educate, and inspire the community through music.